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"A trained mind is powerful medicine"

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What to expect

Be heard

Expect thorough, unhurried listening. First, an in-depth health history and goal setting. Next, baseline measurements of breath, heart rate, muscle tension, health behaviors. Finally, a tailored program for clinic and home. Weekly sessions taper to monthly, systematically.

Discover patterns

Link your goals to the science and behaviors that get you there. Your mind-body interactions are displayed instantaneously under skillful guidance to control breath, muscles, and attentional tasks. See and feel patterns of pain, stress, fatigue, mood, and sleep shift and become workable.

Take charge

Embrace self-care fully. I guide, inspire, inform, leverage the science, but you do the work. Together, we celebrate the realizations and results. Daily home practices are all enjoyable, doable, targeted, tracked. It is wonderful to gain  such insight and power.

See results

Scientific measurements track progress, and inspire confidence. Clearly, success is proportional to practice—in the clinic and at home. There's no substitute for practice. This is the power of self-regulation via biofeedback and mind training. I provide all practices, and may recommend add'l equipment.

Expand applications

Make discoveries that will apply to all of life: work, love, play, family, spirit, medicine. Everything we do is based on universal patterns of health, homeostasis, Nature, mind, wisdom, and compassion. These basic patterns are real and practical forces to be harnessed. Prepare to celebrate them, and see applications everywhere.

Experts Endorse Contemplative Biofeedback™

"His training is unique, practical, useful..."

"He combines complex mindfulness and nervous system retraining a way that makes them practical and useful. This ability comes from his ongoing training both in Western techniques of biofeedback and stress management as well as traditional Eastern practices." 

Robert Bonakdar, MD

Director, Pain Management, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine

"Represents the cutting edge..."

"Jim integrates contemplative neuroscience with motivational behavior change... his compassion helped me to reconnect with a certain inner strength and an authentic regenerative process. We should all learn these methods." 

Edit Hegyi, MD, PhD

Chief, Silvergate Medical Center

"Jim is genuinely devoted to his clients..."

"Jim has a remarkable capacity to take ancient healing practices and translate them for modern people living hectic lives. He is exceptionally well versed in mindfulness meditation and heart rate regulation biofeedback training." 

Mindy Cetel, MD

Chief, Integrative Insomnia Center

"A mind saver..."

"He offers much-needed tools to work through loss, memories, and ways of thinking that don't serve us. Now I understand to a greater capacity the conceptual mind and how to train it so that my life can blossom. I feel incredibly blessed to have Jim in my life."

Theresa Larson, DPT

Movement Rx

"I use his method almost every evening..."

"Jim has an impressively deep grasp of  both the Western medical approach to  Mindfulness and the Eastern approach, using its spiritual richness to counteract anxiety and bring peacefulness into our lives. The two approaches are well blended and have been a huge benefit to my life and to those around me."

Blossom Sanger, MD

Pain Management, Anesthesiology

Biofeedback • Neurofeedback • Contemplative Science

We do behavior change, from the inside out.

Contemplative Biofeedback™ is the basis of all we do. It seamlessly integrates evidence-based neuroscience with ancient contemplative science (e.g., meditation). It's evidence-based, practical, and affordable. It delivers lifelong skills in self-regulation—naturally and painlessly.

It's the missing piece in self-care beyond drugs, surgery, or talk therapy. It's about putting you in direct control of your body and mind reactions—systematically. It's about finally getting the Operator's Manual for that amazing natural phenomenon we call YOU!

Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

Western medicine's best solution for stress-related mind-body disorders. Habitual body reactions are revealed by medical sensors in real-time. Precise, compassionate coaching allows control of subtle breath, heart, muscle, and brain responses that underlie stress, pain, and 'busy-brain.' 


Health Coaching & Advocacy

It's overwhelming to face the medical system alone. It's wonderful to find an empathetic, savvy advocate with insider experience. We founded our clinic to do medicine better. Our clients get the advice, advocacy, and referrals needed to make good medicine.


Training & Education

Physical Tracking, Real-time Displays

Bio/Neurofeedback is "sense and display" technology. Like a dashboard for tracking body-mind shifts. We 'connect the dots' between sensor changes and thoughts/feelings. You witness the sensitivity of your brain, heart, muscles, and breath. Then you learn control—for life.

Contemplative Training, Authentically Taught

So much more than 'mindfulness,' Contemplative Biofeedback™ accelerates self-regulation by integrating the most ancient—and still the most powerful—trainings in self-awareness. You already do this naturally, but targeted training takes it to the next level: a daily, progressive skill.

Individualized, Compassionate, Focused, Heart-warming

Motivation can initiate change, but only  relationships sustain it. Personalized health coaching means you're seen, safe, and empowered. There's nothing cold or clinical about us. Our science is sound, but we access the human heart and mind. Expect clarity, warmth, and compassion here—but feel free to ask about the science!

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